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Dear jweb friend, 

The wheels on the bus...

OK, we know it's a cheesy title for an email! We recently received some excellent information from a Transport for London travel consultant, and wanted to share it you as soon as possible. Confident, independent travel can open up so many opportunities from employment to social activities and we hope that the information in our latest blog will inspire you to explore the (free) available support. We'd love to be able to do the same for other UK cities, so if you know someone who can help us to put together further travel guides please let Anna know at anna@jweb.org.uk .

Of course, it hasn't escaped our notice that Chanukah is fast approaching. Do check out the Best Chanukah guide shared with us by our friends at the Friendship Circle of Michigan for some great gift ideas.

Norwood's boys and girls are fresh off the plane from their Birthright Tour  in Israel and have sent us this blog about their experience. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore Israel with peers - do start thinking about it for your teen for next year.

Calling Manchester - our friends at JADDs are looking for a part-time adminstrator . Please do share this advert with friends or family who might be interested.

And finally, earlier this the office of the Chief Rabbi was contacted by the mother of a young lady with Down’s Syndrome in the run up to her Bat Mitzvah and the Chief Rabbi has composed a short prayer for her, written in such a way as to ensure that she could both understand the content and hopefully also derive some inspiration from it. Please feel free to share this with other families who might benefit from it.

With all good wishes for 2017,

Anna and the jweb team


If you had a car accident what would you do?

How would the emergency services know that a passenger in your vehicle has special needs?

Jweb has produced a self-cling car sticker which we are pleased to be giving away for FREE! Just send a SAE no smaller than DL (110 x 220 mm) to Jweb, c/o Kisharon, 54 Parson Street, London NW4 1TP.



Read about what's going on in our month by month guide 

Norwood are offering FREE Transition Workshops for carers/parents of 14-25 year olds with special needs. Can't get to London? They'll share the information with anyway!


Special Families - dates for your diary
Anyone seeking support, friendship or information can be sure of a warm welcome at Special Families, a group run by parents with children/young adults with special needs. The group is open to parents, grandparents and siblings. Although there are lots of ways to get information and support these days, this group enjoys establishing friendships through meetings – there are six each year - and by keeping in touch through an e-group and on Facebook.


Having a child with special needs brings a host of challenges which parent's face on a daily basis, this can be both physically and emotionally draining.

The Kef Shmooze Group - a new initiative of Kef, offers the mother's of our KEF children a chance to unwind and relax in a caring and supportive environment, providing both emotional and practical support.The KEF Shmooze Group aims to meet on a regular basis.


London - The Jewish Autism Trust has launched a monthly youth group - visit www.jewishautism.org for more information.



How to keep your meetings with professionals professional

I was at a meeting this morning and, at one point, the discussion turned to conversations the attendees had held with medical or educational professionals about their respective offspring. Some of the comments that these parents had been exposed to were simply appalling ….and the very opposite of professional!


Travelling in London

Did you know that 8 out of 10 disabled people use the buses in London on a regular basis?

There are a range of services and initiatives provided by Transport for London (TfL) to help you get around using public transport. Being able to travel independently can be the first step toward employment and accessing social activities, and TfL has shared some of their tips with us to help you to tackle your commute!


Looking for parenting books? Read the Jweb Good Book Guide.


Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah Guide

One of the topics we get asked about most frequently here at jweb is chedars (hebrew schools) and bar mitzvah teachers who can accommodate or specialise in working with children and young people with learning disabilities. We'd love to have your recommendations - if you have had a good experience please and help someone else to get the support their child needs. Click through for some of the suggestions and information passed onto us by members of the jweb community....