Langdon New Chapters

New Chapters from Langdon is a business that sells second-hand books online – with a difference

Those who work at New Chapters are Langdon members with learning disabilities. This is usually their first step into the world of work. They learn the importance of punctuality, responsibility, hard work, and interacting within the social nature of the workplace – all skills that people in work need.

From here they gain the experience, the confidence and the self-esteem that allows them to move on to working outside the Langdon community, and to extend their independence in all aspects of their lives.

It is life-changing. And you can help.

If you would like to declutter your home and are willing to give us any surplus books, we would be very grateful. The revenue we make from selling the books allows us to continue running New Chapters.

If you have some books that you’d like us to collect or that you’d like to drop off to us, please call 0208 427 3491 or email If you live in Manchester please call 0845 600 6562 or email


020 8427 3491 (south) or 0845 600 6562 ext 1301 (north)