Electric Umbrella

A collaboration of professional musicians and adults with learning disabilities; writing, experiencing and performing music at small pubs, big festivals, live radio and everything in between. 

We believe in a world where there is no ‘us and them’, and are on a mission to challenge people to think differently about learning disabilities. 

We are delighted that all our Electric Umbrella merchandise is now available for purchase through on online store and can be shipped all over the world!

We have been getting the store ready for Christmas and the wonderful WATFORD WORKSHOP are all set to pack and post all our gift orders out the door.

WATFORD WORKSHOP's mission is to provide mixed ability adults with work experience, skills training and employment. Which allows everyone to build a greater independence, have a better chance of finding their place in the working community and where possible to secure mainstream employment.

So when you buy a gift from ELECTRIC UMBRELLA, you are also supporting this great charity too! How's that for a double dose of feel good factor?


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