Tracy Stevens

Tracy Stevens MSc. Psych. MBPsS is a qualified and highly experienced developmental and cognitive child psychologist and consultant based in north-west London. Ms. Stevens has been working professionally with children, parents and clinicians for over twenty-one years. She specializes in learning evaluations, the therapeutic treatment of young children and adolescents with learning and developmental difficulties and conducting workshops and consultation with parents. 

Ms. Stevens is a Consultant in Developmental and Cognitive Child Psychology, Learning and Interpersonal Relationships. Ms. Stevens is experienced with children who have developmental delays and learning difficulties including: Attention Deficit Disorder, academic and pre-reading and pre-mathematics difficulties, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Global Developmental Delay, genetic disorders, Down Syndrome and Fragile X syndrome and gifted under-achievers.

Ms. Stevens has co-authored a published chapter in the book, 'Enhancing Cognitive Functions: Applications Across Contexts,' “Mediation and Assessment of a Young and Low-Functioning Child: An Initial Session.” She has been featured in the Readers Digest Magazine, in newspapers, and in the book, “Anton's Journey.” Ms. Stevens is a member of the British Psychological Society.


07852 746896