The Music Man Project

 The Music Man Project UK is an award-winning, world record-breaking music education service specifically for children and adults with learning disabilities.

The project was founded by former Deputy Head Teacher, David Stanley, to meet a growing demand from parents for regular and accessible musical opportunities for their children. The Music Man Project nurtures their innate musicality, delivering education, enjoyment and performances through the teaching of original music at special schools, colleges, care homes, weekly music schools and daily adult classes in the community. The Music Man Project offers the same opportunities enjoyed by aspiring mainstream musicians by providing the best tuition, instruments, musical repertoire and performance platforms available. It currently operates in Essex, Suffolk, Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, Bristol, Lincolnshire, Scotland, South Africa and India.

As well as events, you can find a songbook and a range of online content to support families and teachers, including sheet music, lyrics, signs, backing tracks, video demonstrations and supporting explanations on their website. These are provided free of charge, alongside training, mentoring and consultancy for musicians, schools, charities and arts organisations.


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