T’Mimei Lev School incorporating Torah Tots Integrated Nursery.

T'mimei Lev was established to provide for children who, because of their special educational needs, are unable to attend a mainstream Jewish school. We aim to provide them with the facilities not available to them in mainstream schooling, by working together with local health and education authorities. What makes our school unique is the children's curriculum, which caters for their religious and cultural needs by combining the highest levels of academic excellence in National Curriculum with Jewish Studies, in a warm Jewish atmosphere.

Jewish parents in Manchester now have plenty of options regarding the education of their children ... that is provided their child does not have special educational needs.

Local special needs schools provide a valuable service but make no provision for the religious and cultural needs of the Jewish special child. The local Jewish mainstream schools, and indeed the community at large, do not have the resources or expertise to care for these children.

T'mimei Lev was formed in March '97 to provide support for parents in coping with all aspects of raising their special child.

Our aims are threefold:

a) To provide support for parents in educating their child with special needs.

b) To maintain an educational facility with the expertise and resources to provide a first class education incorporating the National Curriculum, as well as opportunities for integration with mainstream schools.

c) To provide general support and counseling for parents in coping with all aspects of raising their special child.

Our activities are open to all Jewish children with special needs, regardless of background or level of religious observance.

Although of necessity the school is independent and fee paying, no child in need will be refused admission on financial grounds.

We work closely with, and have the support of leading community Rabbonim.


Manchester Jewish Community Centre
Bury Old Road
M7 4QY


0161 795 2253