In Touch

Supporting and uniting families

Our primary raison d’etre is to provide support for parents/carers and siblings of children with moderate to severe disabilities through the provision of education, training and recreational facilities.

In Touch enables families to make new friendships; discuss their fears and anxieties and feel less isolated; share information and attend regular breaks which gives them the emotional and physical strength to continue their daily challenges with renewed strength.

We are based in London with a branch in Manchester and presently we are supporting over 300 familiies.

The happy faces of the In Touch families prove that we are heading in the right direction.


Our members enjoy bi-annual mini-breaks. Our weekend retreat caters to couples, where parents can find time to reconnect in intimate and relaxing surroundings. Our midweek break is exclusively for mothers/female carers, to give them some much needed me time away from the daily grind.

Family trips
During school holidays, or festivals, we arrange trips for the entire family. We ensure that our excursions are completely family and disabled friendly, so that our members can enjoy a fun day out. We take care of the details, so they don’t have to.

Our quarterly magazine gives our members a chance to share and read personal stories from other people in similar situations. With motivational and inspirational articles, humour, and information we are able to keep our members in touch throughout the year.

We offer workshops on specific topics that relate to being a primary carer of a disabled child. These workshops are delivered by professionals and allow parents an open forum to raise questions, get advice and obtain valuable resources for further information.

Social events
The social events we offer throughout the year give the parents renewed energy in a fun and relaxed setting. These events usually include a motivational lecture, gourmet buffet and musical entertainment. The release of tension is palpable through the sounds of laughter and positive feedback received.
Being a sibling of a child with special needs can breed feelings of loneliness, resentment and isolation. We established Kids United Youth Association a separate support network, which offers fun days out, mini breaks, chit chat magazine and social activities aimed at siblings of all ages.


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