Evie's Night Owls Respite Care

When parents have a child with a complex medical condition, it can be difficult, sometimes impossible, to get a night’s sleep, have time for a rest or for parents to enjoy an evening out together. An occasional night’s sleep – or even a few hours break – can make the difference between coping or not.

Evie’s Night Owls is a respite care project run by Camp Simcha in memory of Evie Bladon. After suffering from oxygen deprivation during her birth in 2012, Evie was born with severe brain damage.  Her initial MRI was devastating – she wasn’t expected to make it past 48 hours but she was a fighter who went on to celebrate three birthdays.

The trauma Evie had suffered during her birth resulted in multiple health issues including cerebral palsy, global developmental delay, epilepsy, severe visual impairment as well as a number of other medical problems which unfortunately resulted in a limited life expectancy and the need for 24/7 care.

Through our Evie’s Night Owls project, we are expanding our respite care to provide opportunities for relief for parents of a child with a serious or life threatening illness.

‘There are no words to explain what it’s like – to go through losing a child and a sister. But I can tell you without hesitation none of us would have coped without Camp Simcha. Once Camp Simcha is in your life, they are in your life for as long as you need them.’

Lee and Sam Bladon