Delamere Charitable Trust

Delamere Charitable Trust has a history stretching back to 1921 and now provides funds for vital specialist support services for young Jewish people with special educational needs and disabilities, transforming their lives and those of their families. The charity works through carefully selected, well managed specialist service provider partners and schools which are focused on helping Jewish SEND children in the Greater Manchester Jewish Community.  The charity funds specific innovative projects which are demonstrably effective and good value for money, and all projects are carefully monitored to ensure high quality delivery and implementation. 

Delamere is recognised in the Greater Manchester Jewish community as an active advocate for good practice to achieve the best possible education for young people with learning disabilities - to enable them to acquire key life skills and achieve their full potential.  The charity works in partnership with other Greater Manchester based Jewish charities, SEN service providers and schools to promote the development of new and improved services. 

Visit our website for more detailed information on our activities and those of our service provider partners.  We also welcome interest from those willing to support our charity financially and/or through volunteering work.


Delamere Charitable Trust
Heathlands Village
Heathlands Drive
M25 9SB


0161 773 2580