Midreshet Darkaynu and Yeshivat Darkaynu are more than Israel Tours - they are new and innovative programmes developed for religious young men and women with special needs, who are looking for the perfect way to spend a year in Israel after they have finished school. Their programs are designed for students who want to continue their learning, develop vocational skills, build independence, improve self-esteem, and expand their love of Israel and the Jewish people.

Darkaynu is a unique, "sidestreaming" programme. It is an intimate program that is professionally staffed, highly structured and aims to meet the individual, special needs of its students.

A Darkaynu student has a wide array of experiences and responsibilities, including vocational training, hands on volunteer work, life skills development as well as a learning programme which is geared towards the individual skills of each participant.

Each student in the Darkaynu programme has an adoptive Israeli family to provide them with a home away from home. Students visit with their family weekly and are their Shabbat guest once a month. 


51 Leib Yaffe
Jerusalem, 93390