Dance Movement Therapist

Dance therapy offers people a chance to express themselves and make sense of their feelings, in a place where they feel seen, heard & understood. 

Not only does it enhance wellbeing through movement, dance & relaxation techniques, but other benefits of Dance therapy include:

  • A chance to express oneself creatively.
  • Enhance self & body awareness.
  • Increase self esteem and self confidence .
  • Enhance ability to interact positively with others.
  • Work through developmental difficulties such as low impulse control and concentration.
  • Improve communication skills.
  • Learn and grow in a safe, supported environment.
  • Discover own innate ability to relax and channel energy in a positive way.
  • Improve cognitive skills, eg, memory and expanding vocabulary.
  • For those with physical disabilities it can help to increase awareness of their environment, and improve their relationship with it. This enables them to cope better with their disability.
  • Through movement, the therapist can help the the client activate his/her individual resources and personal expression.
  • It is an opportunity to improve developmental skills, such as balance, co-ordination, distorted body image, increase range of movements and sensory integration. 

Talya, our therapist, will travel to you and can see clients in the comfort of their own homes.


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