auticon is a unique IT consultancy and social enterprise, which exclusively employs autistic adults as IT consultants.

Autistic adults often have exceptional talents in logic, attention to detail, accuracy and pattern recognition. Many have a strong interest in IT, physics, mathematics and technology.
To ensure our consultants can work to their full potential, auticon provides them with qualified job coaches and line managers. Clients receive outstanding quality of work in the areas of IT and compliance; autistic adults benefit from employment opportunities that match their unique gifts and characteristics.

In the UK, only 16% of autistic adults are in full time employment, despite 79% of people with autism on out of work benefits wanting to work; 43% of those who have worked have left or lost a job because of their autism [1]. Despite being highly intelligent and qualified, many find it difficult to access or maintain mainstream careers. Challenges in social interactions - such as eye and body contact, the interpretation of facial expressions, sarcasm or irony - can make it stressful to navigate everyday work interactions.

auticon is unique in directly employing autistic IT consultants on a permanent basis and offering its staff full support in the form of professional job coaches and IT line managers. These job coaches advise clients on creating autism-friendly work environments and support each individual consultant, as needed, to ensure they feel comfortable and are able to fulfil their potential at each new project. auticon IT line managers guide consultants from a technical angle and help consultants advance their professional development to match their individual strengths and interests.


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