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“Why is He Still Here?”

Max Toper is an author who specialises in stories about special educational needs. His first work, Why is He Still Here?, is centred on his own experiences in the education system and digital world. 

"Max Toper isn't normal. His teacher segregates him at the back of the class, away from his peers. Other children make friends, yet he can't. 

He's told he has autism, a condition that seems to bring disaster after disaster, with no chance of achievement."

We asked Max why he wrote this book: "I give differing answers to this question every time I am asked it. Shortly after one of the hardest periods of my life, people suggested I write a book about my experiences. Now, I didn’t become a writer overnight, I’d been writing since the age of seven. My portfolio comprised a few well-received fanfictions, short stories, scrapped original manuscripts, and school assignments. Despite all this, I never imagined myself writing a book, let alone publishing one."

Visit to find out more about Max and purchase his book.

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