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“Take a look at Fledglings' Back to School Shop”

September is here, another new school term has started and autumn is in the air. If you haven't already done so then it's a great time to check out some of our fantastically helpful Fledglings' products designed to help you and to make your child's life that little bit easier - at school or nursery, at home or out and about.


We all love new stationary and the start of the new school year is the perfect time to get some.

The ingeniously simple Dolphin Handiwriter helps support the pencil when your child is holding it, by making sure their fingers, wrist and hand are in the right position so writing is as comfortable as possible for them.

Why not try our Easi- grip scissors which re-open automatically when pressure is released. The mini version is suitable for pre-school and can be used by left and right-handers.


The Move & Sit cushion is an air-filled wedge that can be used for sitting on the floor or chair or under your child's feet or desk. It is designed to promote active sitting and helps to develop back and stomach muscles.

The colourful Peanut Roll limits movement to forward and backward and because it offers more stability, it can help build your child's confidence and is also great for working on balance, coordination and strength.


Our bestselling unitards are bestsellers for a good reason! Designed especially for children with autism or sensory processing issues, these bodysuits provide whole body compression to enhance your child's bodily awareness.

If your son or daughter is sensitive to noise or particular sounds then our ear defenders can block it out. They are fully adjustable and fit almost any head size. 

Who wouldn't want shoe laces that tie themselves? Just think of all the time you'd save! Our laces are effectively self-tying and turn lace-up shoes into slip-ons. Children with hemiplegia, dyspraxia, strokes or other conditions which affect dexterity or co-ordination may find them especially helpful.


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