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“NEW online support groups for adult siblings”

Are you an adult who has grown up with a disabled brother or sister? Would you like to meet others who just ‘get’ what life as a sibling is like? You’re not alone. Join one of Sibs friendly support groups today.
To join a group you need to be aged 18 or over, currently live in the UK and have a brother/sister who has a lifelong disability from birth or early infanthood. Some siblings who join a group are carers for their brother/sister, and many aren’t. You are very welcome, whatever your circumstances or level of involvement (or not) with your brother/sister’s care.
There are groups in: Berkshire, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Essex, Glasgow, London central (daytime meetings), London central (evening meetings), London south east, London west, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Plymouth, Preston, Sheffield.
We also have a national group, for siblings across the UK to join who don’t have a local group nearby.
What is it like to come to a group? Click here to read more and sign-up.

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