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“Looking for a challenge for 2020?”

13th - 22nd October 2020
Ethiopia, Simien Mountains Trek to support Gesher School

Gesher School provides a unique learning environment for children with special needs. We have a specialism in autism spectrum challenges (ASC). This trek will raise much needed funds for our school, enabling us to buy specialist equipment for the children that attend, and enabling us to expand the school us so that we can offer more places to children who desperately need a special educational setting in order to meet their needs. Rates of autism and SEN amongst children in the UK are at an all-time high yet the specialist provision they require to access an education is woefully inadequate and unable to meet demand. Gesher plans to grow significantly over the next few years so that we can give a group of vulnerable children the best start in life. Our school can totally transform the trajectory of a child’s life by providing them with the therapeutic early intervention and life skills that they need, and we need your help to make a big difference.

This incredible trek is designed to showcase the isolated splendour of the Simien Mountains, sometimes referred to as ‘Africa’s Grand Canyon’. Millions of years erosion has carved the landscape into a sharp-edged intricacy of steep gorges, rocky monoliths, strangely cropped conical mountains and sheer cliffs that now form one of the very first UNESCO World Heritage Sites ever declared.   

This trek will be an unforgettable experience, and it will be at times challenging. Our aim will be to summit the mighty Ras Deshen Mountain at 4,543 metres – ‘a rooftop of Africa’ where you will see a landscape that is older than even the Great Rift Valley.

*We ask you to raise £1,750 for Gesher School*

Registration fee: £295
Self Funding option: £1680
Plus airport taxes of: £300


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