What's news with The AutistiX Band?


Our Band
The AutistiX are a unique indie rock band, together since 2010. What makes us unique? We have 6 band members including three musicians who have autism. We make great songs and this, with our quirky stage performance, sets us apart from the many forgettable bands that come and go. We have two missions: to create and perform quality music, while illustrating the talent of musicians with autism. We promote social inclusion and valuing diversity. We’re proud to include musicians with autism – hence our name!

Band Members
Saul Zur-Szpiro - drums
Jack Beaven-Duggan - electric guitar
Graham Spragg - bass player
Jim Connelly - lead singer & band ‘mentor’ (community musician with 20 years experience with autism)
John Duggan – electric guitar (Jack’s dad) 
Michael Zur-Szpiro - harmonica

We have some very exciting news. A film was shown about us, that was made by film maker Simon Weitzman about the talent of our musicians with autism and Rick Jupp, the amazing drummer, from the world famous band Elbow. The film was shown on the BBC’s The One Show on 9th January and we also played live in the studio, which was amazing. The show was seen by 6 million people! We have had wonderful responses by many of the viewers who were inspired by us, loved our band and our songs!
Now we have new songs in process including one about autism! 

Highlights of 2018: 
-    performing a short tour in Liverpool during World Autism Awareness Week, 
-    performing in Constanta, Romania as part of the Music for Autism charity in April, 
-    We also had another film made about us for BBC3’s Amazing Humans
-    many gigs in London and beyond 
-    introducing a semi acoustic version of our songs for performances that are less ‘rocky’ 

Our performances
The AutistiX stage presence is lively with witty banter, quick repartee and an infectious energy. We’ve performed at legendary UK music venues (The Monarch, The Barfly, the Bull and Gate, Proud Camden, O2 Academy Islington, Star & Garter, The White Rock Hastings, Brighton Dome, and at the iconic and wonderful Cavern Club in Liverpool, to name a few. We regularly appear at summer and winter festivals, and perform at fundraising gigs on behalf of charities and autism/disability organisations. We play at schools and universities, seeking to educate, inspire and to entertain audiences of all ages. Another highlight was a few years ago we performed with Sir Tom Jones, in front of an audience of over 1200,  and received a standing ovation. We’ve also performed in Spain, Switzerland, Guernsey and Romania., FB, @theautistix, itunes, soundcloud, youtube, etc.