Back Photo credit: Nordoff Robbins

Watch what happens when George Ezra visited Nordoff Robins


Watch this video to see what happened when George Ezra visited our London centre and joined Ben in his music therapy session. 

Where words alone can fail, music and music therapy can help isolated people to communicate and provide meaningful social interactions. George was really moved by watching Ben sing and play piano with his music therapist, Dave, and commented on how meaningful communicating through music appeared to be for him: 

“That’s why music is as amazing as it is because you’re working with this thing that has no right or no wrong or no beginning and no end – in a session like we saw today that’s perfect because there’s no sense of this is the way it’s got to happen, it’s just a case of ‘go and hit the piano!’ That in itself is very simple but to Ben I think it made the world of difference, it meant then that there was a conversation going on (between him and his music therapist).” 

Written by: Nordoff Robbins