The AutistiX are looking for a new vocalist!


I'm writing as the band manager of a unique rock band called The AutistiX, in the hope that someone might be able to help us. Hopefully you will have heard about us and like our music. The reason that I am writing is that we are looking for a co-vocalist to get involved with The AutistiX. We have been going since 2010 and have an increasing following. The band is doing very well writing our own music, recording some of our songs, and performing at a wide range of gigs including festivals, mainstream music venues, charity events, schools and universities, tv, etc. The issue is that our lead singer has moved to Spain with his family and is no longer able to attend weekly rehearsals, though he comes frequently to rehearse with the band and to play at gigs with us. So we would like to find a singer who would be interested in becoming a co-vocalist with The AutistiX. The role has not been fully worked out yet as this is a new situation for us and we are open to finding out if there would be someone suitable and interested and then we would work things out between us, to suit everyone involved. The main goal would be to find some with an excellent voice who would be interested in our music and willing to learn our songs and the covers we play. This could be someone on the autistic spectrum or someone who has an interest in autism through a family member, their work or their studies or someone with a great voice who has no particular experience of autism or disabilities but is a flexible musician who is looking for opportunities to sing with a band.

The criteria:
1.    Excellent voice
2.    Good at working as a group member
3.    Over 18
4.    From London or easy access to London
5.    Available to attend regular rehearsals and maybe some performances
6.    Ability to play a musical instrument would be an asset but not essential
7.    Ability to lead the band in the absence of our lead singer e.g. to develop new songs together would be a strong asset
8.    Flexible, democratic, good sense of humour, kind and caring, supportive
9.    Reliable and consistent
10. Creative, motivated and energetic

For more information about The AutistiX please look us up on our social media – website, FB, Twitter, Youtube, Itunes, Soundcloud, Instagram etc
Please get in touch if you are interested, or know someone who might be qualified and keen to get involved.
If the right person comes along we would be willing to pay for travel fares, and if necessary (due to limited band funds, we would pay for attending sessions and if performing at gigs with us.)


The AutistiX