Save this information: Hospital Passport and Easy Read Leaflets


Going in to hospital when you have a learning disability can be scary and difficult for many reasons. People with a learning disability may find it difficult to understand what is wrong with them, they may have had a bad experience in the past which has made them scared now, their needs may not be understood by the doctors and nurses or they may have several very complex health needs.

Here are a number of links to easy-read leaflets and an extremely useful hospital passport for you to download and keep handy - the information in the passport will take some time to collate, so do get started on it and keep it somewhere safe. A quick tip - click on the words and not the images on this website to access the downloads.

Hospital Passport Template

Various leaflets including "Being an Outpatient", "Follow Up Appointments", "Going Into Hospital", "Hospital Stays" and much more.

Also do take a look at our blog Coming into Hospital with a Learning Disability.

Print off this two page leaflet to use alongside the Hospital Passort:

Written by: The Jweb Team