Made Possible, stories of success by people with learning disabilities in their own words


Have you ever heard a person with a learning disability talk about their talent, or share the secret of their success? No. That’s why Made Possible needed to be written. Contributors include acclaimed actor Sarah Gordy MBE, the former Paralympic athlete Dan Pepper, and Gavin Harding MBE, the UK's first mayor with a learning disability.

In Made Possible, eight remarkable individuals present their authentic experiences – in their own words – and show us what society misses out on by overlooking them, pitying them, patronising them, and labelling them in terms of their conditions. Crucially, the book reveals how people can make invaluable contributions to society when their potential is acknowledged and supported by those around them.

Watch a short film of three of the book's contributors

‘A bold wake-up call for those who doubt what people with learning disabilities can do’
Sally Phillips

‘A call to arms to confront continued discrimination’
Sir Norman Lamb


● Covid-19 is not a ‘great leveller’. According to the Care Quality Commission, there has been a 175% increase in unexpected deaths among those who have a learning disability or autism, compared to last year.
● Reporting on the effects of the pandemic has largely failed to acknowledge its impact on the UK’s 1.5 million learning disabled people.
● Outside of COVID-19, if learning disability issues hit the headlines, they usually reinforce stereotypes about “vulnerable people” to be pitied.
● Made Possible ​is a powerful, one-of-a-kind anthology which challenges the dominant narratives and shatters lazy stereotypes. It presents the authentic experiences of a range of professionals, who have made remarkable achievements – regardless of the fact that they happen to have a disability.

About the Editor
Saba Salman is a social affairs journalist and regular writer for the Guardian. She reports on equality and disability issues and has a particular focus on the UK’s overlooked population of 1.5m people with learning disabilities. Saba is a trustee of the charity Sibs, and has a younger sister with a learning disability. 


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