Kisharon New School Campus – Opening September 2020 – £13.6m Capital Project


Selecting a school for your child? Kisharon School is a ground breaking educational establishment for children with special needs in North West London. Choosing a school for a child with special needs is one of the most difficult decisions faced by parents. From September 2020, Kisharon School will be housed on a brand new campus with cutting edge facilities offering an enhanced setting for specialist teams to continue practicing the exceptional education, therapy and evidence-based approach to learning enjoyed by its pupils. Ranked ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ for pupil welfare and development in the existing premises by Ofsted, the school’s new setting will help us sustain and elevate the school’s respected reputation as a leading special educational centre in the UK. 

Upholding Kisharon’s excellent standards of education for all children, the new campus will further allow the development of unique and personalised teaching methods to a larger cohort of children of varying abilities. The Free School aims to foster a strong and inclusive Jewish ethos that guides teaching and learning throughout the school and welcomes students from all backgrounds.  With an emphasis on the learning, growth and development of children and young people to fulfil their unique and individual potential, confidence-building skills are also integral in preparing students for life after school. Teaching reaches beyond the classroom through connections with high quality vocational and employment services, preparing students to take an active role in their chosen community.

The new state-of-the-art building will accommodate 70 pupils in a modern, purpose-built environment. Pupils aged 4-19 with cognitive and/or physical needs, including autism spectrum disorders will be offered opportunities for bespoke learning using cutting-edge equipment, technology and facilities. This environment will enable each individual pupil to thrive in an excellent learning environment incorporating especially designed open spaces.

These remarkable new facilities will include interactive learning suites, 5D immersive technology, a hydrotherapy pool and dedicated areas for rebound therapies to promote and improve motor skills, communication, body awareness, balance and coordination to improve attentiveness and concentration levels. Accessibility, space, light and inspiration are the new building’s defining features.

Kisharon School also uniquely offers therapies in-house including:
•    Play
•    Music
•    Pet
•    Hydro – new campus
•    Lego and Smile (leading-edge communication teaching tools)

Kisharon’s unique approach to learning is that one-size-doesn’t-fit-all. The school welcomes pupils from across London and the surrounding areas. Kisharon School is increasingly recognised at local and national levels as a leading light in the development of Special Education with a support system and infrastructure that exemplifies the best of educational and Jewish values.

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