Ikea Develops Special Products for People with Special Needs


For its most recent campaign, Ikea Israel joined forces with Milbat and Access Israel—two NGOs that specialize in improving life quality of disabled people—to launch a new campaign which the brand suggestively titled “ThisAbles.” The goal of this initiative is to develop and promote well-designed, efficient, and convenient furniture solutions and household items for people with special needs. Creative agency McCann Tel Aviv joined the three entities and helped them achieve a more appropriate, yet still creative solution for such people.


ThisAbles represents an online platform which people with disabilities, or their families and friends can use to 3D print a range of add-ons that nicely and helpfully complements Ikea’s furniture, converting the brand’s products into disability-friendly items. So, in partnership with Milbat, the company carefully designed a line of 13 smart, convenient, and easy-to-connect add-ons that are designated to being used by people with special needs.

These new utensils include a surface used to enlarge the On/Off switch of a table lamp, a wide handle for moving a bath curtain, or a device for resting a walking stick on the side of a bed. Moreover, there are special handles for closets and drawers, a gadget that makes the zipper handle larger, aids for marking and organizing for the visually impaired, and legs to elevate a sofa so that it is easier to sit down and get up. The list goes on.

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