Free teaching resources for World Autism Awareness Week


This World Autism Awareness Week, the National Autistic Society have created a set of learning resources to help your pupils understand that we are all different and that we should all be kind. There are assemblies, follow up activities and posters to hang up in your classroom. The early years and primary resources explore differences and similarities. The secondary resources go into more depth about autism and what you can do to help an autistic person if they are struggling.

Early years
Our early years resources will enhance children's early development by introducing Bradley, a 6-year-old autistic boy, and the concepts of difference and similarities in other children. The circle time activities can help them to reflect on what they have learned.

Primary school pupils get to meet the 'Trummies' − our new colourful characters who will get them engaging with concepts of diversity and respecting and celebrating the differences in all people. You'll have a full PowerPoint to work through, a pack of follow-up activities and a classroom poster.

Secondary pupils will engage with the real-life stories of young autistic people, focusing on Niall Aslam from Love Island and actress Holly, from our Too Much Information campaign film Make It Stop. Students can work through our tutor time activities in pairs to get a deeper understanding about autism, how it can affect everyday life and how best to support autistic peers at school.

Download your free resources