STEMM Active Learning Workshops (science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine)

From immersive, creative sensory workshops using science to teach life skills, through to unique Work Inspiration Trips, Lightyear Foundation is working hard to break down barriers to getting more disabled people into STEMM.

Our unique active learning sessions unite STEMM with movement and are delivered in partnership with Flamingo Chicks.

“Sensory Science gives all children the chance to explore through sensory learning. All too often disabled children are overlooked in this area, with people assuming they will be unable to participate. Yet actually science has a great appeal – particularly when applied practically, as children can begin to learn there is no right or wrong when exploring and things can go wrong,  a valuable life skill which special needs children often have difficulty with in life. It can even offer a viable career path for some of our children.  All special needs students can benefit from Sensory Science.” 
- Jessica Butler – Science Teacher

Here's just one example - you can find more here.