Sibs online workshop for parents – How to deal with sibling rivalry

Siblings love spending time with a parent. We know that they also enjoy spending time with their brothers and sisters who may have disabilities, illnesses or health conditions. However, we also know that siblings can find it hard when they feel that they are not getting the same amount of attention as their brother or sister. This can make life hard for parents who are trying to meet the needs of all their children but feel pulled in lots of different directions. We are running a workshop to help parents cope with what happens when their children are displaying sibling rivalry.

This workshop is for:
Parents of disabled children who would like to learn more about dealing with sibling rivalry.  The focus of the workshop will be on supporting siblings. This workshop is not for professional workers.

Parents will gain information on:

  • how to spot if your sibling child is having difficulty coping
  • what to do if your sibling isn’t getting on with their brother or sister
  • how to manage challenging behaviour

Cost: £5.00

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Date and Location

19th April 2021, 7pm-8pm via Zoom