Rapunzel by Chicken Shed

This Easter, we are delighted to bring our colourful and extravagant 2017 production of Rapunzel to you, directly in your own home via our YouTube Channel.

Rapunzel - as you've never seen her before!

Mysterious, romantic and life-affirming, a dramatic re-telling of a story you thought you knew!

Rapunzel has little memory of her life before the tower, but yearns to be free. The woods that surround the tower are full of fantastic and astounding creatures – and while Rapunzel’s famous long hair may give her incredible abilities, she learns that her true strength comes from within. Strength which she may need sooner than she thinks, as some unexpected strangers are about to arrive unannounced…!

Featuring Chickenshed’s famously large and amazingly diverse cast, this magical, musical and mysterious version of Rapunzel will dazzle and delight children and adults alike.

Visit Chickenshed to see the film and programme.