Peter & Friends talk about Covid-19 and having a Learning Disability

The experience of Covid-19 for people with intellectual or learning disabilities and/or autistic people.

About this Event

Covid-19 has impacted the lives of people all over the world. London South Bank University is proud to present this event to discuss the impact of Covid-19 on some of those people living with intellectual or learning disabilities in collaboration with Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust and the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities.

The event will not only focus on the trauma and challenges Covid-19 has caused but on the resilience and positive attitude of people with learning disabilities around the world. This is a virtual and interactive half day event with a variety of presentations, polls, role plays and songs.

This event will be delivered using Zoom. We will send you the joining instructions three days before the event.
Throughout the event we will be holding a series of polls and asking people to vote on a selection of Covid-19 related questions. Make sure someone who knows about phones, computers or tablets is with you.

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