On Stage at Home with Clangers

Through these fun, short songs, using objects from around the home, Nordoff Robbins music therapists and the Clangers show you that you don’t need instruments to make music. 

About On Stage at Home

Nordoff Robbins is the largest music therapy charity in the UK – we use the power of music to enrich lives everyday.

Music creates a space for us to express ourselves, to experiment, to find meaning and to establish connections to others, plus many other benefits. With many families finding themselves spending a lot of time at home, music is an essential part of staying healthy in our bodies and minds, and an essential part of children’s learning and development.

These musical videos created by Nordoff Robbins music therapists and Clangers aim to get young children of all abilities to connect through music, performing songs using homemade instruments, movement, body percussion and voice.

Join in the fun here.