Live Music Now ONLINE for schools and families at home

When Yehudi Menuhin and Ian Stoutzker created Live Music Now, their vision was to bring live music to people who needed it the most and support young professional musicians at the start of their careers.

Forty-three years later, as the world adapts to the Covid19 pandemic, the need for human connection through music is greater than ever.

Normally, Live Music Now provides more than 1,500 music sessions in special schools across the country delivered by our specially trained musicians. For many young people, participating in music-making is hugely beneficial for wellbeing, engagement in learning, communication skills and confidence.

With schools now currently open only to a small proportion of pupils, staff are working hard to adapt provision for students. The challenges for special schools and their families are particularly acute.  As reported recently in The Guardian, families with disabled children are a “vulnerable group – not just to the virus itself, but to the social and economic consequences of the pandemic”.

Access video library and links to online music sessions here.