Langdon Brady Club (12-19) Autumn Term 2021

Fun and exciting weekly activities for young Jewish people with a learning or social difficulty. 

As well as each weekly activity, we'll also have kosher refreshments, a chill zone, Xbox, pool, table tennis, air hockey, puzzles, board games and crafts.

September 23rd
A warm welcome back to club after the summer break. We will be making sukkah decorations and playing some festival themed games. We will also learn about Sukkot and why its important to Jews by participating in the traditions that make this holiday special.

September 30th

In 2021 we don’t have much use at all for CD’s… That’s why we’re going to re-purpose old CD’s to make a number of cool arts and crafts to decorate your bedroom with. Make sure to bring with any disused discs that you have lying around at home!

October 7th
Junk Orchestra

In this activity we will be making our own musical instruments which we can jam with to a bunch of classic hits. 

October 14th
Soap Making

In this session you will get the opportunity to make soaps of any scent that you desire, preferably nice smells! We will be donating some of the soap that we make to a homeless shelter. 

October 21st
Bollywood Dancing

Loosen your limbs and take a look into a form of entertainment that is ever-growing in popularity; Bollywood. We’ll get to try out some Bollywood dancing and get an insight into why so many people around the world are infatuated with this genre of film and dance. 

October 28th
Designing a Recycling Bin

It will surprise you to hear that Maccabi House doesn’t yet have indoor recycling bins… This week Members of Brady will design recycling bins and pitch their creations to the most esteemed panel of judges; ourselves! The best ideas will be used to influence the design of the recycling bins that we decide to install in Maccabi House.

November 4th
Bee Hotels

Unfortunately, the bee population of the UK is dwindling. This week we’ll find out about why bees are so important, and we will build our own bee hotels to provide a sanctuary for them where we live.


November 11th

This week we will have some slot car experts come in to set up an awesome racetrack for us. Get excited to compete in a tournament where we we will find out who the best Scalextric driver is at Brady Club!

November 18th
Dreidel Making

Its not Chanukah without a game of dreidel!? After this session you will have your own handmade dreidel that will hopefully win you lots of gelt for years to come.

November  25th
The Chanukah Experience

In this session you will be transported back to the days of the Maccabee’s and embark on your own Chanukah adventure. A long the way you will be challenged to think about your morals and perhaps get just an inkling of how difficult life would have been for Jewish people under Roman rule.

December 2nd
Chanukah Party

A classic Chanukah knees up with delicious treats, dreidel and other party games. As well as candle lighting and traditional Chanukah songs, we will watch a video looking back at all the activities which we did this term. 

Dates and Location

Thursdays 18:00 - 20:00

Maccabi House, Gideon Close, Edgeware, HA8 7FR