Kith and Kids Social Development Projects - Summer Holidays

Our unique 2:1 Social Development Projects link children and adults with learning disabilities or autism with two trained volunteers.

Each participant follows a timetable of workshops and activities throughout the week that is specially adapted to suit his or her needs and interests.

The aim is to encourage the person with the disability to develop independence and social skills through his or her relationship with the volunteers and the activities they share.

Workshops are run by trained creative therapists and experienced activity leaders and include art, drama, craft, sports and games, music, massage and relaxation and sensory activities. They provide enjoyable ways of learning everyday skills ranging from turn taking to travelling on public transport (for instance different stages of the journey can be safely explored in a drama workshop).

Skills that are worked on in workshops are put into practice on a day out.Social Development Projects take place three times a year during main school holidays.

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Dates and Location

July 27 - August 07 2020 (excluding August 01 and 02)

Kith & Kids, The Irish Centre, Pretoria Road, London, N17 8DX