Dimensions Autism Friendly Screening: Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker (12A)

Autism friendly screenings are sometimes called relaxed or sensory friendly screenings. Adjustments are made to reduce stress and sensory input, such as low lighting and sound, freedom to move and staff trained in autism awareness.

What makes a cinema screening autism friendly?
Sometimes you might also see an autism friendly screening being described as a relaxed screening or a sensory friendly screening. This means there are some adjustments in place to help reduce the stress and sensory input people with autism and other sensory sensitivities can experience.

Some autism friendly adjustments include:

  • There are no trailers
  • The lights and volume are turned down
  • You can sit where you want and move around
  • You can take your own food and drink
  • Staff are trained in autism understanding


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January 19, 2020 (check with your nearest Everyman cinema for the time)

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