DanceSyndrome - online dance sessions every day

Join in with DanceSyndrome sessions on our Facebook and YouTube channels. 

The sessions will be adapted so that people can take part safely from the comfort of their own home (even your armchair) and will be suitable for EVERYONE! People with a range of abilities and disabilities will be able to participate, including children who are off school and elderly people who are social distancing. It will be a great way to keep active, boost your mental health and take your mind off the outside world!

As with everything we do, the sessions will be disability led, driven by our Dance Leaders with learning disabilities. DanceSyndrome Founder Jen Blackwell and her fellow Dance Leaders will be delivering these sessions remotely from their own homes in collaboration with our professional Dance Artists to offer high quality online dance sessions.

Online dance sessions will be as follows:

Monday 11:15am – Ballet techniques

Monday 1:00pm – Street Dance techniques

Monday 2:15pm Jazz techniques

Tuesday 11am – Everybody Dance (usually held in Chorley) – Jen Blackwell and Donna Harrison/David Darcy

Wednesday 10:15am – Everybody Dance (usually held in Preston) – Jodie Turner and Sophie Tickle/Anna James

Wednesday 11am – Everybody Dance (usually held in Hindley) – Jonathan Rodman and Donna Harrison/David Darcy

Wednesday 12:30pm – Contemporary dance techniques

Wednesday 1:30pm – Creative dance activities

Thursday 10:30am – Everybody Dance (usually held in Accrington) – Lizi Boothby and Helen Shepherd

Saturday 10:30am – Everybody Dance (usually held in Clitheroe) – Pauline Hall and Helen Shepherd

Days and times are the times when videos will go live, but they will stay on our channels so that you can join in at any time that suits you.

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We’d love you to join in with the dancing but also join in with the conversation on social media – tell us what you enjoyed about the sessions, send us photos and videos of yourself and your family joining in, talk to other people who love dance on our channels. We may need to be physically distanced but we can still be socially connected online!

We think this is a really exciting response to a really challenging situation for a small charity like DanceSyndrome and we are really proud of our team for responding so quickly and in such a creative way. Yesterday, 68 weekly sessions were cancelled in total, our Dance By Example Level 2 training has also been postponed and we have lost several major paid performance opportunities. This will amount to a significant loss of income for us as a charity.

If you join in with the sessions and enjoy them, please consider making a donation to help our small charity to survive in these difficult times. These sessions will be free online, but they typically cost between £3  – £7 to attend. We know this is a difficult time for everyone, but if you are able to support our work in any way, please use the form below or text one of the following numbers:

£1 – text DANCE to 70201

£3 – text DANCE to 70331

£5 – text DANCE to 70970

£10 – text DANCE to 70191

£20 – text DANCE20 to 70191