An Unorthodox Guide to Finding Your Voice: Mary Beard Meets Jonty Claypole

Exploring conditions such as aphasia and Tourette’s, and telling the stories of the ‘creatively disfluent’ – from Lewis Carroll to Kendrick Lamar – join us for a celebration of the merits of speaking poorly.

In an age of polished TED talks and overconfident political oratory, success seems to depend upon charismatic public speaking. But what if hyper-fluency is not only unachievable but undesirable?

In this livestream event, classicist Mary Beard meets life-long stammerer and Director of BBC Arts, Jonty Claypole, for a celebration of the creative power of being tongue-tied.

Jonty spent fifteen years of his life in and out of extreme speech therapy. From sessions with child psychologists to lengthy stuttering boot camps and exposure therapies, he tried everything until finally being told the words he’d always feared: ‘We can’t cure your stutter.’ Those words started him on a journey towards not only making peace with his stammer, but learning to use it to his advantage.

An affirmation for anyone who has ever doubted their public speaking abilities, this unique event will persuade even the most eloquent of us that it’s time we learned to speak a little worse.

Friday 12th February 2021
6:30pm to 7:30pm

Online | Zoom

Individual tickets are £10-15,
or free for subscribers to How To +

A link to replay the event will be made available 48 hours after the event is over to enjoy without a time limit.

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