Your Best Ever Pesach

JWeb's guide to putting the fun into your Seder... Read on for family friendly ideas and resources to help you plan your perfect inclusive Pesach.

You've worked out your guest list, ordered the food, started the cleaning and are slowly working your way through the chametz in the cupboard, right? Well today at JWeb we are thinking about injecting some FUN into proceedings and how we can make our Seder more inclusive and interactive. We have come up with four must-haves to keep all of the family engaged and involved in proceedings on the big night.

1. An Inclusive and Accessible Haggadah

My family has a set of old (I'm talking 60+ years) big blue Haggadahs with the names of all the children inscribed inside the front cover over the years. Whilst I wouldn't part with them for the world, the traces of ancient charoset and matzah crumbs aren't too appealing. Here are some of our favourite Haggadahs from recent years to revitalise your Seder table:

The Gateways Haggadah has been created for children of all abilities and disabilities and is illustrated with over 150 picture communication symbols.

Sammy Spider's First Haggadah is great for younger guests with simple, recognisable tunes (think "London Bridge is Falling Down") and child-friendly explainations.

Parenting website Kveller has produced a Haggadah for "Curious Kids (and their Grownups)". Beautifully illustrated and easy to access, this is a great family option.

Written by the talented Shoshana Bloom of LivLuv, Langdon's Haggadah is easy to use and is aimed at people with learning disabilites and their families.

2. Time for the Four Questions

If we are thinking about getting everyone involved in the Seder, the obvious place to start is with the Ma Nishtana (four qestions). Traditionally the job of the youngest person present, this is a perfect opportunity to liven up proceedings with a song.

Start off with this video a few days before the Seder for a basic introduction to what the questions mean and a chance to practice singing them.


Looking for more ways to practice the song? The marvellous Maccabeats have a version performed with voices and objects from the Seder table:

3. Let's Eat

For those not in the know, we eat some pretty strange stuff at the Seder table. Eggs in salt water, anyone? ๐Ÿค”

Over at JWeb HQ our all-time favourite thing at the table is the charoset, so how about this for a messy-but fun-idea? Kveller has shared a DIY Charoset bar for those families that can't agree on the ratio of wine-to-cinnamon-to-nuts. Give it a go here. While we are on the subject, how about home-made Charoset ice-cream??? ๐Ÿ˜‹

I don't know about you, but over the years I have amassed a huge collection of Jewish cookery books, so I am not about to recommend that you nip over to Amazon to buy any more. However, if you are looking for vegetarian or healthy Passover recipes then do take a look here.

4. Lighten the mood

I admit it. My collection of Passover toys has seen better days. It's time to invest in a new set for my nephews and neices - if you can't buy them locally try this link for a selection of masks, finger puppets and colouring books.

There's still time to order your personalised grape juice and kiddush wine bottles from Kisharon - these are collection only from Temple Fortune in London.

And now for something silly... 

Written by: The JWeb Team