Mill Hill's Shabbat of Inclusivity

On Shabbat 2nd November 2019, Mill Hill United Synagogue held a Shabbat where we learnt about meeting the needs of everyone that attends our Shul.

Here's what the Chief Rabbi has to say about this initiative:


As a diverse, growing and whole hearted community it is important that all of our members know they can attend our Shul, and we will do our best to meet any extra needs such as hearing impairments, children who may be on the Autism spectrum or those that are wheelchair users.

During the Shabbat, we heard a Ten Talk from Deborah Gundle, founder of JWeb, as well as hearing our inspiring Rabbis talk on this theme.

In the children’s services we heard our leaders talk to the kids about "loving thy neighbour as thyself". 

We partnered with PJ Library, the Jewish children’s book charity, and some of their books which celebrate inclusivity were read in shul. They send a free book every month to families raising Jewish children aged eight years and under. Sign up at

18 Ways to be Inclusive in a Shul

What Being Inclusive Means by Gesher School and Norwood

Written by: Mill Hill United Synagogue