Welfare support and resources during lockdown

Do you need some help at home? The way that we manage family life, work, parenting and care is changing for us all. We have put together some resources for help with specific issues including finance, dealing with paperwork and staying connected. Do keep sending us your suggestions - we love hearing from you and sharing your info 👌

The JLC Community Portal co-ordinates the Jewish community's response to the Coronavirus pandemic in one place, for everyone.

Support for people who work in social care in Hertfordshire - HCPA is working with Hertfordshire County Council to provide a county-wide Employee Assistance Programme to private, independent, and voluntary care providers should care staff and volunteers need extra mental health, anxiety or bereavement support relating to COVID-19. This service is only available to individuals who work in Social Care who need it and not to entire care organisations. Accessing the Employee Assistance Programme: If you think that you have a staff member who needs some extra support during this time, please ask them to contact or send a text message to 07520 649 448.

UK Mutual Aid volunteer groups are spontaneously appearing across the country. The website is created by volunteers for volunteers who decided to take action and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic by self-organising into local groups on WhatsApp and Facebook and to find the nearest Mutual Aid volunteer. Fill in a form to ask for help and be connected with a volunteer in your area.

Family Lives is a charity with over three decades of experience helping parents to deal with the changes that are a constant part of family life. Family lives offers a free and confidential helpline, email support and online formus. Find out more here or call 0808 800 2222 for emotional support, information, advice and guidance on any aspect of parenting and family life. The helpline service is open 9am – 9pm, Monday to Friday and 10am – 3pm Saturday and Sunday.

Skiggle is a nationwide online network of UK-based people, families, carers and health professionals who either live with, or work with disability. As a service we are a platform for specialist disability equipment and care consumables available to people in urgent need. The website includes an SOS messaging service where members can request care essentials immediately in unforeseen circumstances, free of charge, from other member’s surplus supplies. Skiggle also has a marketplace feature where items can be bought, sold or offered for free. The marketplace includes our Bereavement Angel, an icon available for those needing to use the site due to personal loss.

Paperweight is a free service that provides practical guidance and support to those in crisis across the entire spectrum of the Jewish community. When you are feeling isolated, stressed and vulnerable, and you just can’t cope, the simplest of administrative tasks feel insurmountable and the daily practicalities take a back seat; often leading to unwelcome, additional pressure and intrusion in what can feel a bureaucratic and impersonal world. Contact us today on 020 8455 4996 (London), 0161 507 5480 (Manchester) or email and we will talk you through everything you need to know.

Contact for Families has a useful guide to coronavirus, welfare benefits and money which is listed by date so that you can see the most recent guidance.

Social Care Future has a blog on helping people living in accommodation with support stay connected with family and friends by setting up a “Kit for Connection” scheme.

Written by: The JWeb Team