About us

JWeb began – as so many good ideas do – over a cup of coffee between friends. Deborah Gundle and Linda Goldberg met through Deborah’s son, Zach who has learning disabilities. Linda was then CEO of Cosgrove Care, an award-winning Jewish charity in Glasgow that supports people with special needs and is now a trustee of Norwood and an Advisor to the Judith Trust.

As the parent of a young man with learning disabilities and complex needs, Deborah Gundle was always on the lookout for information about what’s going on in the Jewish community for people with special needs. Searching for events or services was time consuming and she began to imagine a place where families and carers could access information about every Jewish organisation supporting people with learning disabilities and their families in the UK, plus details of events, news and a noticeboard on which people could offer services, goods and anything helpful to other carers.

With a background in project management and education, Anna Perceval had worked with parents and carers of young people with a wide range of needs in the Jewish community and recognised the need for an online resource that could grow and adapt with its audience. Anna joined forces with Deborah and Linda in 2010 and eventually, after lots more coffee, JWeb was born.

Fast forward to today, and JWeb has become a user-led hub of information for the whole community. JWeb is even better than we could have imagined, thanks to the people that use and contribute to the website. It really is all about you, and we are thankful for everyone that shares their ideas and information with us 😃.

Our Aim

There is a lot going on in the community but no one place to find it.

We wanted to collect all this information into one central website – an interactive resource that keeps on growing as people contribute to it.

JWeb is all about pooling the information from organisations, parents, carers, teachers, and therapists …. anyone with first-hand experience of learning disability in our community. It’s a place for finding out what is on offer in your area, what events are coming up, and even selling items no longer used.

A place for overcoming problems and celebrating successes within a community that understands special needs.

The more you interact with it, the better it will be and if you haven’t found and still can’t find anything specifically Jewish in your area, then please let us know what non-denominational organisations and or/professionals have been particularly helpful to you; it may help others …

The JWeb Team

Small but mighty is how you could probably describe us! Since launching JWeb in 2011, Linda has retired from JWeb and Deborah and Anna have handed over the reins to Norwood, one of the leading London Jewish learning disabilities charities, with co-founders Deborah and Anna still at the helm. We were joined by Liz in 2019, supporting us with soical media and communications.

If you have any questions about the site or any ideas for helping us grow, we would really like to hear from you.

Site Champions

We are really fortunate to have a fantastic team of site champions to help make JWeb a friendly, welcoming place for new visitors. Some are parents and some are professionals working with learning disability. All have volunteered their time to make JWeb a success, we are hugely grateful to you all, you know who you are!

Ultimately JWeb is a for-you-by-you community - a user-led crowd sourcing hub - we are good at sharing and good at asking for help when we need it. We welcome everyone who quietly wants to dip in as equally as those who would like to contribute - thank you, welcome and please spread the word ...

Anna, Deborah and Liz

JWeb is a service provided by registered charity Norwood (charity number 1059050). None of the information compiled will be used for commercial gain.